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My Farewell Message


March 1,2015
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repeat blog of 6/27/2012 this is a change

The human leadership has a strong desire to remain juvenile and adolescent.  There is fun and excitement associated with not taking responsibility as adults.  But reality is unforgiving: much of the world has reached full natural growth or development through excessive plundering of Earth's nonrenewable resources---the fossil fuel reserve.  We have only one option left, i.e., to use ripened judgement and cease to waste fossil fuel on the pretense that a substitute can be found via new technology.

A maturing civilization must correct two major abusive behavior of the 21st Century.
   (1)  To seek economic growth when it is clearly obvious that it is time to halt and cut back on all aspects of economic activities (lifestyle and population count).
   (2)  To recognize the death of a person as the natural ending of every human life.  The practice of health care for humans of all description regardless of the actual circumstances of each individual case must cease.

In future blogs I will expand and discuss the means for correcting the blundering paths taken by mankind.

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repeat flowchart of 6/24/2010

After such a long absence of communications with my readers, I think it best to select a repeat of my focus on problems that worried me, to make it easier for discussions to fall into their proper places.  Hence the reprints.

On second thought, I had really neglected to give my flow diagram adequate explanation and to point out how the creator's gift of life can be free; how it involves two separate miracles; and how the flow chart completely negates every and all descriptions of God's work concerning creation in the Old and the New Testaments. 

[You may have noted a change in tone and style of my writing---it is true!  I tried to be polite and subtle before, without getting anywhere.  Now I want to be angry and more forceful.  Hopefully the world will awaken to the truth of my words and take action.]

Let's now go back to the flow chart for some detailed study.  For the serious reader, I suggest that a print should be made of the flow chart, so that it can be looked at while following the reading.  

  • The Creator's gift of life does not involve a new source of energy.  Before "life" on planet Earth, it was already revolving around our sun in a fixed orbit, plus a self-rotation about its own north-south axis (the year and the day).  I pointed out in my book that the sunshine on Earth is less than one part in 2-billion of the sun's total radiation energy, but that is sufficient (given enough time) to allow all human activities, including those made possible by burning of the fossil fuels.  Creational economy is astonishingly efficient.
  • Now I will more clearly explain again what I just said above by using different words to express the idea that the Creator was determined to observe strict energy economy such that the entire collection of human cultural achievements (visible physical structural objects, and as well as intangible concepts of the mind) are derivable from sunlight that reached planet Earth only.  In the flow diagram, miracle "A" includes the catalytic function of chlorophyll pigments in plant leaves to enable absorption of the blue and red portions of the sunlight spectrum in photosynthesis.  Miracle "B" denotes the development of the human brain which gives us a collective mind approaching that of the Creator.           
  • Now we'll take a first look at all the squares in the flowchart.  What I wanted to do was to present a bare-bones sketch of the Creator's design, omitting the myriads of details actually required to make the invention work.  The principal idea is to simply understand that the sunlight reaching planet Earth alone is sufficient to do all the work; and the Creator has found a way to store part of the excess energy as fossil fuels for mankind's use at a later date.  The spewing of molten lava after earth's volcanic eruptions produced ore when the atmosphere contained free oxygen from photosynthesis, but earlier eruptions before atmospheric free oxygen was available produced different rock formations.
{I took a long pause at this point.  My thinking is changing.  At this time (5/3/2015) I must go ahead with more determination and finish quickly}

                                     A New World or No World

After much thinking, I am now taking the position that the world under the present management can no longer survive---we either should adopt a vastly reshaped organization or be prepared to let God do what he did once before.  What he did was: up to 65 million years ago, the relationship between the Creator and his creation of life forms on Earth had a clearly wide separation in terms of knowledge.  Then, with mass extinction of large, land-based dinosaurs in a short period of time, perhaps it inspired the Creator to take advantage of this change in scenery of the living world to prepare to introduce his final, crown creation: Homo sapiens. 

How important is it for mankind to recognize and accept the responsibility of such a fundamental shift in mental competitiveness between God and mankind?  It must have been frightening for God to give so much of his capacity for reasoning to the common folks.  Now the collective mind of billions of humans could challenge or at least approach the limits of the mind of God!  God has been generous in his design of the human brain; and are we worthy to receive this unique gift?  In my book (2008) I politely hinted at such a question.  Today, with one foot in the grave, I had better just spill it all---all at once.

What is a better way to describe today's world leaders?  Should it be "clever but insane", or, "stupid but rational"?  I think the first choice is more accurate.  The next question is "can the world survive under insane leadership?"  My answer would be "not for much longer".  So my mission for the remaining days of my life is to make a plea for human survival at the high mental level we now enjoy, not at a demoted brain power level somewhere between monkeys  and apes.

A worse scenery could be that God had left his creation (the sun/planet system) for good, never to return; or that God may have died; leaving mankind by ourselves to use the Jehovah Cycle's features to our best advantage.        

                                   Some Philosophical Thoughts

  • The gift of life on planet Earth is a supernatural event that originated perhaps more than three and half billion years ago in the mind of a Being we call God.  One of the most remarkable truth about this creation is that all life forms in 3-dimensional real space, vegetable or animal, came into existence without a new source of energy or matter that was not already there in the previous lifeless environment.     
  • Then God introduced mankind on planet Earth.
  • We must recognize this event as the most important since the Big Bang Conjecture.  A  gift of life that also includes the unique exceptional grant of God-like wisdom to the human mind: and how we are obliged to cherish it!
  • There is no escape from the fact that God is the giver and humans are the receivers of great benefits in the J-Cycle invention.  However, among the humans, even most of us in the leadership positions, seem to not understand this simple give and take circumstance.
  • Does life have value?  Now that we understand it is cost free, how is one going to come up with a dollar or yuan number?  We all know the answer.  To each self the value is  priceless.


                                             Now Hear This

 It had been very difficult for me to find the words that could describe my view of the world which I perceive to be in great trouble.  But finally, and slowly, I came to realize that the headlines concerning the migrant crisis in Europe is the event that can help me make my point of the inter-relationship between God and mankind.  When God made the decision to give mankind the leadership of life-on-earth, there was an implied condition of responsibility on our part---that our behavior must reflect the gratefulness in each of us to this unusual gift.

I am not aware of any one else on Earth today who shares my view of the crisis of survival facing mankind.  That should be interesting reading.  So come and read on!

I have repeatedly made the statement that the Creator gave mankind a truly free gift of life without consulting us with respect to any preferences that mankind would like to have.  Thus many folks may not be pleased with this unasked-for gift "forced" on us.  Is that not so?  Another often-heard complaint is how unfair it is that the fate given each human at birth can be so vastly different. 

I could at least make a partial answer to this situation by the mathematical theory of statistical distribution, that when the human count reaches a million or higher, many measurable characteristics must fall into a normal bell-shaped distribution.  Thus even God's careful effort in DNA sequencing cannot eliminate this perplexing lack of uniformity. With growth each person finds his or her position in the distribution; their children then more or less follow the "unfair" pattern.

Long before mankind acquired higher mathematics (as always, only very few among us reach that plateau) as a tool, there was the desire to be blessed, i.e., to have the good fortune of belonging in the high end of the bell distribution.  This is the beginning of good, old time religion.

                                   A Time of Decision as Never Before

The dominance of the human race over all other life forms (vegetable and animal) on Planet Earth is so complete that we very often forget that we are still subservient in every respect to the Creator of the J-cycle sun/earth system that made life possible.  What's overlooked is that this free gift of life comes with a number of non-negotiable limits innate to the basic concept of recycling carbon dioxide and water to carbohydrates and oxygen by sunlight, and extraction of meaningful work from combining oxygen with carbon in live muscular cells through respiration.  The original disorderly heat from sunlight now can produce useful complex  structural devices through the minds of humans.

 The basic human value may now be focused on understanding the meaning of a free gift of life which comes with restraining limits, and these limits we should never attempt to trespass.   God does not have infinite might.  If he had infinite might, he would have created the world according to an account somewhat like that given in Genesis, and not the far more complex pathways of the Jehovah cycle. 

In nontechnical terms the limits that we must not violate is simply the population count allowed to exist on our planet simultaneously at any time.  This follows naturally from God's insistence that life creation shall not use any new source of energy.

A little more than two hundred years ago, the human population was approaching but not quite a billion in headcount.  In 1798 the English cleric Robert Malthus published the first of a series of essays on "the Principle of Population", in which he discussed the early signs of over population of the lower income workers making their living in the cities.  In reality, although his analysis of the threat was correct, the timing of the problem becoming out of control had been delayed and masked over by another larger event---the spread and abuse of fossil oil on a global scale since its discovery in 1859.  Through late 19th Century all the way to the end of the 20th Century, the human population count was allowed to increase by more than 6 billion without attracting enough attention among world leaders to deal with global human over population as the number one problem since Creation.

Finally reality caught up with human optimism that somehow we might escape the need to face the ills of overpopulation.  But reality is unforgiving---there is no magic that we can both declare the lifestyle mandated by the United Nations and also try to support the needs of a hugely too numerous number of people.   

At this point I want to cite a paragraph of the United Nations "Constitution of the World Health Organization"
   The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of
    every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social
Although the writing was dated 7 April 1948, it is incorporated in the present text adopted by amendments last dated 15 September 2005.  So it is clear that the constitution recognizes its claim with world population at the 7 billion level. 

 More to the point I want to make is that the WHO constitution does not recognize human population count as a determining factor in describing the fundamental rights of every human being.  But this denial is in direct opposition to our newly discovered understanding of Nature's unconventional scheme: the sunlight falling on earth, and the slow but unwavering pace of cell division and growth.  Is this not the ultimate test of faith in scientific procedures as opposed to religious faith?  When mankind finally discovered the true work of the real God--- his majestic power of reigning in sunlight as a means of energy support for life on Earth, is it not high time that we cast out long-held christian beliefs; and while we're about it, all the other old time tales of defunct religions can be let go?

My Epiphany Moment---the questions I raised in the paragraph above has to do with faith as it is understood in religious beliefs from story telling; or from discovery of the truth from painstaking fact finding through rigorous scientific procedures.  It is unfortunate that young children who are unprepared to deal with scientific learning are often first exposed to repeated teachings about faith from their trusted elders. 

There is another even greater misstep in mankind's behavior in relation to God's gift of life.  We are forgetting that the experiment to create Homo sapiens may very well be still in progress, unfinished.  [Life-The Unfinished Experiment; 1974 National Book Award Winner; by S.E. Luria, a Nobel Laureate]  So it is impossible to rule out that our Creator, being disappointed with mankind abusing His generous gift of godlike mind, may decide to eradicate from existence the present breed and replace with some people of lesser greed for hedonistic bliss.

Those twin daggers of destruction have hung over the head of every human.  How has it come about that the cleverness bestowed upon us has not resulted in a more rational behavior in the societies built upon modern civilization? 

                                             In Conclusion

  •  The world today is tumbling in confusion and in jeopardy of becoming unfit for life of any form.  Strangely, although the natural environment of planet earth could be said to be in perfect harmony for leisurely progression---having recovered from a severe encounter with ice age conditions just 10,000 years ago, we are doing badly for some reason.  Why?  I attempt to explain it as a conflict of mankind's desire to reject the easy life (but with restraints) God had provided us but instead maneuvering to outsmart his zero-cost-in-new-energy design. 
  •   There is a strong argument for mankind to give it a try to live the life that the Creator had intended for us.  To begin with, the basic rate of animal activities cannot exceed the sum total of activity-giving vegetation rate of photosynthesis (please review page two of this article, the flow chart linking photosynthesis with respiration).  Of course, for a very short time, these rates can proceed at vastly different speeds by virtue of the availability of large reserves of fossil fuels.  But such activities are not sustainable.   On the other hand, if mankind finally recognizes the mistake today and decides to take corrective action, can it easily be done or is it even possible?
  •   The timing of mankind's introduction to the concept of the second law of thermodynamics must not be viewed as accidental, but factually incidental.  By that I mean to point out that with the orderly progression of mankind's knowledge in understanding how God made creation happen; it was the decade 1850-1860 that led great scientific minds such as possessed by Clausius to describe a function of state called entropy.  Unlike a linear temperature scale which has a starting point at absolute zero, the entropy function has more meaning by looking at the change in value at two points of a system.  I bring this up to make clear that Jesus, who lived two thousand years ago when mankind's knowledge in heat transfer was minimal, had not had a remote chance to claim understanding the why and how of the Jehovah Cycle.  In Buddhism, upon the death of an elderly leader, the elders then scour the country for the brightest infant boy who then receives special education and training.  Then came the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama in that boy.  
  •  When we examine the substance of these two long lasting religious beliefs, it is interesting that both express the human desire to hold on to life in some fantasy fashion after death.  Although the basic schemes differ greatly, the idea or wish is to affirm that an after life, no matter how painful or boring or degrading, is worth the suffering for attaining it.  In Christian theology, it is eternal bliss after a sufficient time of punishment for the sins.  In Buddhism, it is a slow climbing back to a human status after living through various animal lives.  True, there is no other experience in the universe like living as a human being with a human mind. 
  •   It has been over a year since I started to write a short message of farewell to mankind as my parting gift to a foundering world.  The difficulties I encountered had been a surprise.  Is my old age the problem, or is the world in such bad shape that I cannot describe adequately the woeful situation in properly concise language?  No mater what, I just need to finish the job!  
  •   I would like my readers to consider an alternative world.  The actual history as mankind has recorded (I hope you the reader will agree with me) need not be the only possible reality event.  By the chanced occurrence of any deviation in details, such as cracking an enemy's encryption code in times of war without the enemy knowing about it, can reverse the outcome of major international conflicts.  Thus human history can be altered in very different ways.  So the alternative world I want to describe here, could just as easily have become the real world; while the real world we are now suffering through could be the alternative world that we want to avoid.
      •   Now I know that in my hands I hold the key to opening the human leadership to alter the pathway of our world's future historical development. (Or there is great uncertainty:  we shall see!)  I will proceed to describe that alternative world that makes sense to me.  Here goes.  First, the need to seek a way of life very different from the pattern of behavior mankind has followed for the past two hundred years comes to a simple case of accepting or rejecting a gift of life from the Creator.  In accepting, mankind has to feel thankful for being selected to master over all earlier life forms and to have exclusive use of stored energy on planet Earth; in size and longevity, mankind does not lead, but the power of possession of a Godlike mind puts us in a leadership position.  In rejecting, mankind has done just that: we consume without looking at the restricted rate Earth receives energy from the Sun, and refuse to face the long term reality of energy shortage due to over population.
      •  Returning now to the idea of leading our world into a completely different alternative world, to replace the real world which is crumbling around us:  I need to make it clear that this is the only course of action left to mankind.  Without this change, we are doing no better than the mindless micro-organisms which can respond to environmental situation changes only in a pathway of least resistance. Think about it.  In what ways can we adequately express our gratitude to God's gift of (potentially) a great mind to every one of us? 
      •   Some of my readers may wonder aloud why I want to insist on finding an alternative world, when millions of us are living the best lives in human history.  We've never had before in such large numbers enjoying the good life made possible by technology improvements.  But the world is also carrying a total of nearly 8 thousand million humans, a number almost 20 times the good life count.  That is the problem.  We must remember that God invented the life-making cycle.  He selected the sun-planet pair for his experiment, before He created the first human.  I pointed out in my book that the size of the human brain which God tried to minimize determines the weight of the head which must hold and protect the brain, and also the size of the body to carry it.  The resulting mammal animal which is the human is quite large.  In addition to large size there is a much higher cost to maintaining a civilized human in a lifestyle we call "in poverty".  To picture 8 or 10 Billion poor people, out of work but surviving in reasonable comfort compared to wild life of other animals, we have to wonder if the human race had forgotten that God's gift carries unavoidable limitations.  Are we in a position to reject His gift because it is not boundless? Given the elevated state of the human mind, it is clearly a human responsibility to limit over population.
      •   I want the world to recognize a failed state of management for the past 200 years.  There should have been some effort at examining the ill manner of human behavior in  response to a free gift which understandably contains limits beyond the control of the supernatural Being.  It is pointless to reject a free gift on the basis of reasonable constraints which, simply stated, is that the number of humans allowed to sustain life with extremely high degree of activities simultaneously is not possible on a long term basis.  My apprehension of human behavior since 1860 concerns the shortsightedness of our leadership in looking not beyond the immediate half-generation (30 years) of future alternatives, while busily enjoying the "good life" of eating away our free gift NOT really meant for consumption by today's population alone.  

                                               A Minimum Principle for Mankind

      • The laws of nature almost always can be stated in some form of a minimum principle.    The discussions I have in this blog then may be stated as an assertion that the count of human population existing simultaneously on Earth should be just barely enough to have effective control of dealing with a changing environment.  In other words, we should not be interested in verifying the limits of abuse that mankind can burden God's invention. 
      • Thinking along this line of behavior, let us take a look at an alternative world of people, say around 400 million total.  This would be the first stage objective.  Then taking into account the rapid inventions in Artificial Intelligence Deepmind technology, as well as Robotic machinery construction, the need for water-based human population can be further reduced, say to 200 million or less.  Now I want to make the claim that this lower population count is far more suitable for planet Earth than the number we have been struggling with.  Especially in space travel, the need for water supply to support human passengers must be minimized.

                                                                 My Finishing Statement

       By intentionally ignoring the over population problem, the human world is threatened by an all out nuclear war between thoughtless and self seeking political factions.  There is no winner in such a contest.  Let us try to stay rational.

        This my fifth attempt at closing out my mission as God's messenger to point out that things are not doing well as God had intended at this stage of human progression.  I'm using a question and answer format this time to see if I can get the point across.  The question I ponder is: why had God created the human race so late in His life-on-earth project?  It had gone more than 3.5 billion years with low intelligence animals and no intelligence vegetation until the surprise appearance of highly intelligent people.  Is it possible that God was preparing for His own death?  Or was he trying to determine that a hundred million human minds working in unison could trump over the performance of His singularly superior mind?  It is a great disappointment to me that our national leaders so lack in opening up to recognizing how generous God has been promoting goodwill among all people that so many of us choose to dwell on narrow and meaningless quarrels that is threatening to destroy the world our Creator has invented. 

       The idea that God's gift to mankind to survive on planet earth is not boundless should be easily self evident.  First, our sun, like any star in existence, does burn out.  From astronomical studies such a star tends to expand toward the end to envelop the orbiting planets, which would end life on earth.  But this could be hundreds of million years away, or even billions of years.  At the rate of progression of mankind's research and discoveries we would have more than sufficient time to work out solutions to escape this ending of mankind with planet earth. 

        Second, the short-term survival of mankind with the sun acting normally is still in jeopardy because of our unwillingness to admit that over population exists today in sufficient quantity to destroy our society and well being.  Here again the limitations of God's gift must be examined in detail.  Why would it make sense to try to exhaust God's additional gift of buried treasures which can be preserved underground safely for millions of years?  Can we justify the population explosion that started with our so-called green revolution?  Do we need more people just to glorify and worship the Christian God.  Hasn't Jesus been exposed as a fake? We need no excuse to admit we were ignorant two thousand years ago.  We do need the courage to admit we were wrong.


       This morning I got a message.  "Tarry no more.  Get up and finish your writing."  But what was that?..  Can it be a message from my God?  Ugh!  I got out of bed, as quickly as a 95 year old could do.  There may be something in the world news.  Yes!  Following the doings of Trump in the USA, there is the unlikely event that Marine Le Pen of France may have a chance to lead her country in the extreme right.  Such a happening can clearly increase the chances of a nuclear conflict.  Jolly good timing to put in my delayed and again delayed message.  Today!      {4/15/2017}

        God's great design was to introduce a water-based system of vegetation on Earth to the fearsome heat of a sun, but cleverly placed 8 light minutes away so that the radiation heat can now operate in the convenient narrow range of water in liquid form.  From there animal life on Earth can also appear, sustained on water based cells.  We human beings arrived late, very recent in geological time, practically the last split second.  But we are making progress, progress in such amazing fashion that it would be a shame to wipe out every thing just because we all like to win an argument.

         Let us use some patience and wait to find out where the new discoveries will lead us.  There are so many possibilities that I hate myself for having to leave before the coming GO tournaments.  What, by the way, is the area of your personal curiosity?

          Today's world leadership follow patterns and beliefs developed over time earlier than the past two hundred years.  But this means every thing concerning religion and creation of mankind is wrong!  The truth has become partially known and understood only in the past 40 years by researchers and investigators not belonging in government and judicial organizations.  Those in power can afford to take centuries to look at new ideas---isn't that so?

        There are numerous questions that humankind can ask God for an answer if we ever succeed in making a two way connection.  But there is no indication that such a connection is possible.  For mankind, it is better to assume that such a connection is impossible.  God may not wish it; He may be away to another galaxy; or He may have died.  We should make use of the amazing mind that He gave us to seek answers by ourselves.  We should have no problem in deciding that over population is the most urgent problem for mankind.

      {7/26/2017}  My recovery from bladder cancer surgery may not be enough to allow me to finish my work,  I estimate that this sick 95 year-old have about 7 days left  to finish what is left of this assignment.  If I can't finish I'll ask my son to complete this writing and publish it for me.  Thank you son Gray, you have been very helpful the past decades.

        To continue, I shall first comment on the idea that more minds should always be assumed to work better than any lesser number.

        The final message

      I'm interrupting this writing today to give you my final message:

      The old world came to a stop as of yesterday when the Creator (of the Sun-Planet living life system) gave me and some of my family members above-life-power to begin the take over of  this out of order world.  I herewith declare that this old world is being replaced by a new world which will reclaim the world of 1860.  Here goes!

      If you have carefully read my work up to this point, you've got it.  Thanks and goodbye. 




      Tuesday, April 23, 2013

      General Outline

      {Because of my uncertain health condition, I am assuming that each posting could be my last.  So I'll try to present the most information I can think of, neglecting proofs and explanations to a later day, if I survive.}

      General Outline
      A) In giving mankind a free gift of fossil fuels (Oil; Gas; Coal), God also attached a condition of worthiness test for His crown creation.  The test is based upon men's response to the manner of using this once-only-for-all gift.  In my opinion, mankind has failed this test miserably.
      B) A reckless decision was made among human leadership to wastefully burn down all forms of fossilized supply of energy without asking rationally if anything is gained by such ruthless actions in the long term.  The net result appears to be sacrificing a most precious form of gift for a sea of consumer humanity---a phenomenon known as "red tides" in the case of fatal overcrowding of micro-organism (MO) in fresh or sea waters.  There is great difficulty, however, in treating overpopulation of humans by the same method that MO is allowed to perish.
      C) My answer to repairing the damaged societies is to stop kidding around and enforce maturity or adulthood into the cultural evolution of human civilization.
      D) A final and most important leap in cultural evolution is, surprisingly, church reformation.  Christians have become the most powerful leaders in recent world history.  I was born a Christian in China.  But the Creator which I now call God cannot be human like; He had to exist billions of years before the first appearance of a human.  So there is an urgent need to re-examine the founding dogmatism of both the Old and the New Testaments.

      Wednesday, June 27, 2012

      Two Aspects of a Maturing Society

      The human leadership has a strong desire to remain juvenile and adolescent.  There is fun and excitement associated with not taking responsibility as adults.  But reality is unforgiving: much of the world has reached full natural growth or development through excessive plundering of Earth's nonrenewable resources---the fossil fuel reserve.  We have only one option left, i.e., to use ripened judgement and cease to waste fossil fuel on the pretense that a substitute can be found via new technology.

      A maturing civilization must correct two major abusive behavior of the 21st Century.
         (1)  To seek economic growth when it is clearly obvious that it is time to halt and cut back on all aspects of economic activities (lifestyle and population count).
         (2)  To recognize the death of a person as the natural ending of every human life.  The practice of health care for humans of all description regardless of the actual circumstances of each individual case must cease.

      In future blogs I will expand and discuss the means for correcting the blundering paths taken by mankind.

      Tuesday, June 19, 2012

      Human Response to FF Gift--an Epochal Event

      My last blog entry(May 1st) explained the reason why HCE is in a crisis state.  The successful people are just so happy and busy enjoying life that they don't want to be bothered with facing up to the truth.  But truth and reality will not disappear.  Our civilization is maturing, and drastic changes in our behavior must come to pass.  To understand it, the human race must recognize that the discovery and rapid consuming of fossil fuel is an epochal event.  This event stands in importance alongside such event as the modification of planet Earth's atmospherical mix suitable for life and combustion of power supply machinery.

      In my book, I described this modification project  (which depended on the Creator's invention of photosynthesis with energy from a weak sunlight) as requiring at least 700 million years.  By comparison, the oil reserve of the world is down by 50% since its first discovery in 1859, in a mere 150 years.  This rapid rate of consumption makes the event epochal because this gift of God is a one-time only present---there is no repeat offer from here to eternity; and it did require epochal time for its accumulation.  Mankind should be far more careful in examining how we use it.

      Let's take a break and I'll continue in another day...

      Tuesday, May 1, 2012

      Coming-of-Age crisis in HCE (Human Cultural Evolution)

      The world dominated by humans is in a state of crisis because of the reluctance of human leadership to recognize the inevitable consequencies of the attainment of respectability and maturity through the coming-of-age in HCE.

      Let me first define HCE.  Please go back to the flow diagram which I called the Jehovah Cycle in which the first miracle of Creation is described as the miracle of the living cell.  This is a completely reversible chemical process consisting of two pathways.  The first one is photosynthesis in which the CO2 molecule and the H2O molecule are combined with the help of an input of heat energy from sunlight to produce a huge array of sugars and oxygen in gaseous form.  The second one is respiration in which the cell life is maintained by the exact reverse of the first process: the carbohydrates of cell material is combined with oxygen to produce heat or work while the chemical process reproduces CO2 and H2O.  The miraculous net result is that the radiation energy of sunlight is harnessed and transformed into meaningful work performed by cells.

      In the flowchart I designated the creation of the human mind as a separate and additional miracle.  Unlike the miracle of the living cell, which is well understoood, this mind creation is much less understood.  We know it involves the brain and the network of nerve connections.  But how a human thinks and reasons is still beyond understanding.

      Interestingly evolution now can be subdivided into two separate tasks.  The original task was conceived and executed by God.  The basic unit of life is the living cell.  Evolution was God's work of building complex life forms from a wide range of differently functioning cells --- ending in the human animal.  At that point God may have dropped off any further duties in evolutionary management.  The task of cultural evolution was (and is) assigned to humans.  Hence the HCE.

      A mature society or civilization is less fun and exciting to be in.  We can no longer seek action, seek growth.  Instead, we have to face the necessity of making cuts.  Here, there, everywhere.  But coming-of-age is unavoidable; it has arrived and we must face it.

      Sunday, April 22, 2012

      To continue, dated 2/18/12

      (It's been a little over two months since my last entry.  I had suffered a heart  attack, been rushed to a hospital by ambulance, restored to life by a stent procedure.  But two weeks later a complication of stroke-like "occular migraine" attack... I find it difficult to return to writing about a super-natural event of God, the creation of life and especially the creation of the human mind.  But there is no one else.  I accept the challenge, and I'm grateful that the internet is available to carry my message.)

      The Fourth-Stage of Cultural Evolution - the human society had made progress largely through the gift of a God-like mind.  But in the most important experimental test for mankind---our response to the one-time-only gift of fossil fuel, we are failing in a most miserable fashion.  We know that this gift took hundreds of millions of years to accumulate; and also that no matter how large the amount of the gift, we humans can wipe it out instantly if we do not put a limit on our lifestyle and headcount.  The fourth stage then is a culture of maturity---putting a stop to economic growth and population growth.  We must begin a return to sanity.

      (to be continued) 

      Saturday, February 18, 2012

      Mankind is Entering the 4th Stage of a Cultural Evolution

      {This is a continuation of the footnote (dated 2/15/2012) to my posting dated 7/24/2010, please use the J-Cycle flowchart therein as a frequent source of much of my future writings}

      Recently when I coined the phrase "Cultural Evolution" I thought it was original. The idea was that biological evolution from the beginning of life was mandated by God. The life forms evolved from single celled entities to far more complex organs, ending in the appearance of Homo sapiens. At that point, God was satisfied with his crown creation and allowed no further evolution in life forms (but perhaps with the exception of new disease causing viruses). Any change in behavior with people then is non-biological; hence cultural.-

      Hoping to get some fresh ideas, I searched the internet for existing writings about CE. I was surprised to learn that a large body of literature on this subject is available. In late 19th Century, Morgan and Taylor defined three basic evolutionary stages: savagery; barbarism; and civilization. Since that time, numerous scholars have contributed in this field listed under anthropology---human evolution; archaeology; language; and culture.

      One particular thinker, Leslie White (b.1900-d.1975) proposed that mankind can measure their evolutionary progress in terms of the amount of energy that a society has learned to harness for its use. This is very close to my view of society---economic well being depends on sensible management of its resources. However, White's theory suffers from a fundamental flaw in that he failed to discriminate one type of energy from another; he only measured the amount harnessed per capita per year. Harnessing fossil fuel should be very different from harnessing the energy from agricultural produce: the former (at the rate we're using FF) is a one-time-only nonrenewable gift from God, whereas the latter is renewable as long as the sun-earth system remains stable in the form of the J-Cycle flowchart. Nuclear energy at the present state of technological development is again dangerous and a highly risky venture for producing electrical power. There is thus a need to differentiate energy usage according to the character or type of the source of energy. Lumping them together does not give us a true index of cultural advancement.

      For this entry I want to advance the theory that mankind is entering a fourth stage of evolution---but doing it with great reluctance because of two things. The first is a blunder in the relative valuation of fossil fuel versus human population and lifestyle. The second is a miscue in all religious teachings established among human civilization.

      {to be continued}